structure with responsibilities pdf. 3 – Risk assessments Working with the standards and Good practice is one of the three approaches along with if necessary. Source: Assessment – a brief guide to controlling risk in the workplace. Available at: http:// (accessed ).

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In addition, when undertaking the Htt Assessments, the team must remember the responsibilities:. The corroded pipe allowed LPG to leak out, the LPG had col lected in the basement of the building and, on reaching an ignition source, the gas ignited resulting in the explosion and de molition of the building.

Risk Assessment in the UK Health and Safety System: Theory and Practice

The structure was designed for its artistic merit and the focus of the Designer was on the dream-like experience that participants would enjoy. It is important to note that ‘Sanctions include fines, imprisonment and disqualification’.

How use risk is managed is to be determined by those who create the risk. How bad could it be? The Designer failed to provide a full engineering speci qww for the structure which would have included load calculations in various wind conditions.

Risk assessment

From this the required tethering configuration could have been scientifically deter mined. In this example it includes the severity of harm, the exposure to harm for example the amount of time per day hsse individual is exposed to the riskthe probability that the event will occur for the given exposure and the probability of avoiding harm should the hazardous event occur. High quality risk assessments are usually achieved quite easily for individual pieces of equipment or self contained work areas.

  ISO 15693-2 PDF

The corroded pipe is shown in Fig. As with the other case studies, this accident was completely avoidable. It comprised inflatable ‘cells’, each 5m high. Please review our privacy policy.

This flexibility is a great advantage but it requires judge ment too. Introduction Prior to the UK had spent the preceding years generating a large number of Wqw and Safety laws focused on individual industries, and even individual regions of the country.

In addition, only 22 tethers were located after the incident.

The structure lifted up to a near vertical position, ‘like a sail’, as pubnx in Fig. The wind conditions were not abnormal for the UK. The Designer’s risk assessment stated that 40 tethers would be required for the structure distributed around the perimeter but only 22 were used by the Contract Company.

Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

HSE – Publications: Free Leaflets – Risk Assessment

Recognising that different laws for different industries was con fusing and complex, the UK Government set up a com mittee inled by Lord Robens, to recommend a way forward. Identify the Hazards associated with the plant equipmentpeople and processes. Open in a separate window. The Nimrod aircraft had been in service puhns over 30 years and had been modified twice.

The Health and safety at Work etc. Depending upon the level of harm and the probability, the risk is labelled as High, Medium or Low. This is illustrated in Fig.


The Health and Safety at Work Act places responsibility not only on employers but also on designers, manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that articles and substances are safe for use so far as is reasonably practicable, and on every employee while at work to take reasonable care of him or herself, and of any other person who may be affected by his or her actions.

The legal responsibilities of employers[ 4 ]. The short guide to Health and Safety Regulation in the UK [ 3 ] provides a summary of the Health and Safety at Work Act and states ‘The main require ment on employers is to carry out a risk assessment.

Published online Sep A specific approach in industry A may be inappropriate in industry B. Journal List Saf Health Work v. In addition, review of the risk assessment records indicated that corrosion of this pipe, and the subsequent hazards resulting from any corrosion, had not been identified.

Dreamspace, July2 Fatalities, 27 Injured Dreamspace was hhse large inflatable structure inside which members of the public could walk around to experience a dream-like world of light and sound.

The Nimrod aircraft, shown in Fig. The reason for placing the responsibility with the organisation creating the risk is that it is impossible for HSE to be expert in the operation of every technology and workplace, especially at the rate of technology development.

Two people were killed and 27 injured.