hello! Could someone please post English rules:kiss. : Mayfair Games Catan Adventures: Elasund – The First City: Toys Science Ninjas: Valence Card Game- Advanced Chemistry + Simple Rules +. For this game introduction you need either Netscape Navigator (or newer), Microsoft Internet Explorer (or newer) or Opera (or newer). (We also tested.

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Imprint Contact IP Policy. Once again, Kosmos and Mayfair have produced a game with high quality, attractive components that are well designed to facilitate game play. The active player may now build up to two of any combination of the following: It is a coastal city, named for a fictional Scandinavian location from which the novel’s characters set out for Catan, founded with foreign trade in mind. Elasund — Short Info E,asund see why these games are popular all over the world!

A player may also contribute to the walls of the city instead of placing a building – each player may build up to nine wall segments over the course of the game, with walls along the top or bottom edge costing 2 gold elasunx an inland wall costing 4 gold. This will be discussed later. Take 2 Gold coins Elasunv is 3 influence one rles each color So yeah, we missed quite a bit, although we had the heart of the game correct. What will your next build be?

The 2×3 building is supposed to only placed vertically. This is the same elasnud that is used in determining area control when building. My interest in games started as a teenager, inspired by my love of history and The Lord Of The Rings, and has remained with me all my life. View my complete profile. A player must be ready to tweak his strategy based on what fate deals him and I really like that feature.


Elasund: The First City

Starfarers of Catan Starship Catan. Even more evil, you can build over all or part of a smaller building, causing it, and any Victory Point Cubes to be removed from the board. What led us to get the game? Sure, you may be unlucky, but you can still do something and feel like you are still in the game.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I really like how the luck rues handled in this game to give players options.

Elasund: The First City | Rules | Forum | VideoGameGeek

Elasund is a fantastic game design, perhaps one of Klaus Teuber’s best. However, if the row where resources is collected is the same as the one in the previous turn, either the row two rows above or the row two rows below, depending on the player’s choice, collects resources instead.

Despite the thematic connection between Elasund and Settlersthe two games have completely different mechanics. There is a lot of direct player interaction and high degree of “nastiness” that will delight many players, but be a turn-off for others. Elasund has a few clever dual-purpose, interlocking mechanisms that work together really well.

Elasund – Interactive Tutorial

Each Church Tile costs 7 Gold Cards to build and is randomly drawn and placed on the board according to the diagram, causing the instant demise of any other building on that spot. You can go to Belfort or the Alhambra. All of these fit neatly in a custom plastic insert.

The object of the game is to achieve Victory Points by helping in the building of the city of Elasund. In order to build a building, you must pay the required amount of gold.

He can pay two matching Influence Cards and either move one of his Building Permits on the board to any other free space or upgrade a Building Permit to a higher-valued one, paying the difference. To do this you do have to have the greater total value of Permits, which is determined by adding up the numbers on the Permits. Beskrivning Beskrivning Rate this item: The special action that your are allowed to take at the end of your turn can be one of the following 4 We played with only 3, we did not elasunx with option b: Or; Maybe this is a Eurogame for Ameritrash players!


It is the second game in the Catan Adventures series the first being Candamir: It feels very satisfying to win a game this way. The logic being that towers are built for defensive not offensive reasons so should have a defensive benefit within the game play as well as the Victory cube.

Rather eules possession of a tower enabling you to take one of the discarded cards it should protect a victory point i. The first player to place his ten cubes wins the game.

As the city is built, however, pirates from the sea are waiting to sack the city. Each player has a numbered set of these and they must be built in order. When placing a building permit, if there is not any space available in the current row that the trade ship is in, then you are allowed to place a building permit for free in the row above or the row below the current row. People elzsund this Meetup are also in: A player may also contribute to the local church, which is built in nine parts.

Every third one allows the player to place a Victory Point Cube while the others immediately give him one or two Influence Cards.

If you enjoy medium-weight confrontational games, then Elasund is one you shouldn’t miss.