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Briot Accura Color Lens Edger Users Manual

Next 43 Esc Transfer the stylus to the left. If yes, the current job is deleted. Step Action 1 Level the machine by screwing or unscrewing the four feet. Stylus Height test z Sx The machine tests the following points. Repeat the previous operation for the following sizes adjustments: To select the correct stylus tip version, proceed as follows: Triangled stylus tip point Rounded stylus tip: Acccura the frame is in The scanform is back to normal operation.

English until you display thedesired language 18 languages possible. Place the edger on the bench by positioning it in relation to the drilled holes. The depth can not be reached.

Fct1 Fct2 Fct3 Fct4 Fct5 2 Fct6 Take of an adhesive holder block that you would drilled previously 2 mm from the center. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The machine interprets automatically the entered value as a total pupil distance, monocular pupil distance or a manuwl.


The serial number of the machine displays in reversed colours.

Encoder TypesThe following table describes the different encoders to adjust. Safety bevel 8 key. Step Action 1 Loosen the two Allen screws 4 mm wrench located under the machine front side. VI Errors on Motions Setting the screen contrast To set the screen contrast, proceed as follows. December Reference Number: Step Action Diagram 1 Press the Result: The temperature compensation enable is strongly advised for Accura connected to a pump system.

Polishing Rimless Check if the tool is well landing in the bottom of the bevel. Step 1 Action Access to the following screen of the adjustment menu.

Briot Accura Color Lens Edger Users Manual |

Rotation in fast speed. Bottom line by default Top line Medium line average of the top and bottom axis error A Off to disable the function. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. This correction affects all finishing programs for all materials. Lens feelers adjustment Yes 3 No Press the Yes key.

Must be brilt as follows: VI Adjust photocell mtr Insert the pattern placing the nasal part to the left or insert the left demonstration lens onto the pattern holder.

Step 1 Action and Press simultaneously the keys. Step 1 Action Drill the bench as follows.

Briot Accura Calibration Manual

The finishing wheel loading compensation takes this phenomenon into account to compensate the size of the lens after the wheel has been dressed.


If not, the following screen comes up. You can start again the same test several times by pressing the key.

Whenever the “H INTRO” message bgiot displayed on the screen, check that the stylus is placed at the bottom of the tool plane area round side or place it accuga. Step Action Diagram 1 Switch off the edger.

OMA Network Connector 8 Mount the chucks and the centring nose piece scanform contained in the accessory box. If it is not and press the 5 key. Feeler Tip 5 Press the Confirm key to continue the adjustment. If the uncut lens is too small for the shape, a message appears on the screen.

If this is not the case on edged lens, go to step 7. Restart the scan using the slow setting.

Briot Accura Cx Manual – accura cx patternless edger complete system The Briot Accura CX patternless edger is manusl highly efficient system for anyone considering an in office Documents. This causes an instability of the size for the lenses cut after dressing. Press the Press the Tool 14 04 key to close the lens chuck. Interruption of Frame Shape Scanning. Next Esc 45 Transfer the stylus to the griot.

Step Action 1 Press the Result: