Deko / Deko v ReadMe; Deko v ReadMe; Deko User’s How do I find my System ID for my Avid video product?. Real time SD & HD Graphics with 2D, 3D, Clip, Audio Effects adv. effects for live production & News. The Avid Deko system provides a rich set of tools for efficiently defining and delivering compelling broadcast branding, with time-saving features such as.

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Click Here to Contact Us Item: It looks like it is the same for Titling Tools.

There is also a simple title tool in MC for down and dirty titles. Just push-button access to inserting character glows and glints to your text and images — regardless of the format or character count.

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Fully serviced with 3 months warranty. Subscribing to this service will add your email address to our main database and you will then receive marketing information from KitPlus and our partners.

The ability to add shadows, borders, edges, and such is what I miss with the title tool. You will edko find broadcast and media finance specialists such as Adamtean, Medialease, Fineline and Azule Finance.


Show “contact us for price” adverts. At a sequence you want to subtitle add TD Pro to a filler above the video and then cut in little pieces as much as you want each title to be.

Useful the world over. Reduces production complexity, time and cost; leverages staff resources for quality, not quantity. The used broadcast video equipment market needs a central location to advertise all the video equipment for sale. Perfect working conditions and nice cosm. In a broadcast environment Post Deko for editors is a solid addition to MC’s toolset. More shared assets and consistency of look across all programming while shortening production time.

Deko / Deko v ReadMe

Customized workflows and more accurate data without costly third party support. More powerful and flexible graphics workflows through custom interfaces and remote interaction from any PC location. And TD Pro stays open all the avjd. Show “make an offer” adverts.

Title Deko Pro with MC 3.x – Avid Community

Let me move this in my Avid programs backup. Users have additional options for color changes, duration and intervals for the effect. Scrub to preview animations in real-time; motions can be played on any model Deko; also available as an offline production tool. On-air speed Late-breaking news will always make it to air with Deko Customize workflow and automate repetitive tasks. Allows you to use multiple clips on a single graphic.


Great for live news, sports and elections! drko

I remember in my early days with a computer I bought CD’s with titles like, “10, Fonts” and “The best 25, Fonts”. The effect applies automatically, regardless of changes to the character count. You can fix almost anything if you throw enough money at it. Broadcast Equipment Sales Copyright tv-bay limited – all trademarks recognised. Simplifies playout and enables maximum speed and accuracy in critical on-air environments.

The best way to work is like the subcap tool.

If someone wants to use it it’s up to him or her. Access remote systems via network pipe using Deko standard Macro language. Sony broadcast provides probably the widest range of cameras or camcorders, and video equipment to the broadcast industry and for this reason there is always a good supply of sony broadcast used video equipment available around the world.

Post Deko may not be the right tool for the job.