Autobiography of a Jnani now available for free download in both English and French, thanks to Gerald Dean. Autobiography of a Jnani Autobiography of a Jnani. AOAJ records the story of Rajivji’s nondual awakening with teacher Ed Muzika. The book offers rare descriptions of deep spiritual. Autobiography of a Jnani. ١ يوليو ٢٠١٠ ، الساعة ٤:٣٣ ص . eBook @ $ A new book is available for download. It is the complete edited dialogues between Ed.

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You led me here Lord. You must reveal to the world all this. But never fear what happens. I had all kinds of thoughts pouring and had difficulty to sleep back, but then I managed to remember that all this is an illusion, play of consciousness; it has nothing to do with me, and magically the thoughts subsided and I slept to wake up like a normal routine.

You will notice that YOU feel unchanged as a result of having samadhis, or not having them.

This identity has to be transcended permanently at some point. I remember when I first interacted with you it was the other way round, how true were you Lord.

There is the waking state and you. If neo Advaita is 9 to flourish and continue, it needs to go deeper. I was glancing at a few things and came upon your experience of heart which was very similar to the one I experienced.


Autobiography of a Jnani – AYP Public Forum

Let the Gita lead where it has to lead me. Usually after the end of the deep session my ache or my inner thirst is over. THAT is beyond Consciousness, prior to consciousness. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is still a kind of seeking, wanting to repeat an earlier experience. Gradually the light encompasses and interpenetrates all inner experience, and the light is generally recognized as being similar, if not the same, as light we see from without the body.

The energy they accumulated, in my opinion, was wasted on various emotions. There is an extraordinary amount of pain and guilt in anyone who kills and eats animals. These concepts are pointers from a different time, but they fit you and other yogis who are well aware of the vagaries of consciousness. No consciousness, no experience. Later, you will see that this sense itself is like a passing cloud over the deepest part of you.

I am blessed to have you next to me. I want to be capable to read that nothingness in me if possible. Every strike is like a temple gong striking my inner self into an indescribable state of helplessness and joy. It is a better book for you to read right now. Stop if things become too uncomfortable. At some point you realize you are that formless consciousness that contains all objects, which themselves are forms of consciousness.


There is sleep and you. My heart pounds blissfully as I watch it happening. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Everything you say is the Gita itself, the Bible for us. They have nothing to do with you.

Autobiography of a Jnani

At least this is what I feel in hindsight. But you have to pass through the causal body yet and give up all knowledge and knowing. What a state that would be. Of course you can not watch the watcher, so what conclusion can you draw? In fact, nothing is important except to live as a kind and just man helping others, being a shepherd for all physically autobiographt morally.

During that “glimpse” as Jnwni call it the thoughts seem rare. I was still disoriented and startled.