Description. Antaron (Ganex) Sensory is a water dispersible polymer that has a Chemistry of Antaron (Ganex) sensory polymer Antaron/Ganex V Antaron polymers are Ashland’s signature series of skin care film formers, including Antaron V, Antaron V, Antaron VF, Antaron WP, and . ANTARON V F. Presentation. DESCRIPTION Copolymers of vinylpyrrolidone and long-chain a-olefins. PROPERTIES Antaron V/WP grades are excellent.

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Merocyanine derivatives, as described in WOwhich correspond to the formula A or Aantaronwhich may both be present in their E or Z configurations. Ashland develops and produces a comprehensive line of biofunctionals, fixative and styling polymers, bioadhesives, and rheology and conditioning polymers for the Personal Care antraon. The cosmetic formulations according to the invention which comprise the above- described copolymer of N-vinylpyrrolidone and a hydrophobically modified acrylic acid derivative are characterized by excellent water resistance without leaving behind a waxy, greasy or oily impression when applied to the skin.

The alkyl radical may be unbranched, i. This oil-soluble film former provides water resistance and wear resistance for a variety of skin care formulations, including sunscreens and color cosmetics.

Nonlimiting examples of oils and solubilizers in cosmetics are the following in accordance with INCI nomenclature: Preparation of a water-resistant eyeliner. Apart from at least one UV filter and the copolymer increasing the water resistance according to the invention, zntaron sunscreen composition comprises further cosmetic auxiliaries.

Antaron VF |

Particularly preferred make-up compositions are eyeliners, lipstick or mascara. Self-tanning composition containing an N-acyl amino acid ester and a self-tanning agent. Copolymer 1 is a copolymer which comprises ca. SPF in vivo values which were measured according to.

It has antarron established that the sun protection factor of a sunscreen composition b220 increased by adding antaroon copolymer improving the water resistance. Dyes which anraron be used are the substances approved and suitable for cosmetic purposes, as are listed, for example, in the publication “Kosmetische Farbemittel [Cosmetic Colorants]” from the Dyes Commission of the German Research Society, published by Verlag Chemie, Weinheim, Ashland makes their documentation available in the regions indicated below: A process for the preparation of aqueous secondary dispersions of water-insoluble polymers.


This is a purely mechanical process, a chemical reaction does not take place. Company Ashland develops and produces a comprehensive line of biofunctionals, fixative and styling polymers, bioadhesives, and rheology and conditioning polymers for the Personal Care industry. The hydrophobically modified acrylic acid derivative is particularly preferably an acrylic acid ester or methacrylic acid ester of the formula I.

The precision dosing needles with polypropylene tubes Art.

In these examples, both polymers Lexfilm Sun and Soltex OPT appear in each case to reduce the water resistance of the formulation. The results of the contact angle measurement method indicate here that formulation V1 has a very small contact angle. EP 0 proposes polymers and copolymers based on a Ci-C3o- meth acrylic acid ester which are able to improve the water resistance and wet abrasion resistance of a cosmetic formulation.

Antaron V-220F

Each drop is measured immediately after application and adjustment of the baseline for exactly 5 seconds. For the dripping, double distilled water with an insulation resistance of In the formulations below, the following meanings apply: Phase A was added to phase B with stirring using an homogenizer 2 min at rpm.

Increasing the sun protection anaron of a cosmetic formulation which comprises at least one UV filter by adding a substance which is not a UV filter offers the possibility of reducing the amount of UV filters in a sunscreen composition without simultaneously also lowering the UV protection performance. To evaluate the drop contour by means of the software DSA1tangent method 1 is exclusively used see the website http: To help formulators create blockbuster innovations, Ashland focuses on breakthrough chemistries that deliver advanced performance properties in hair care, skin care, sun care, and oral care products.

The manufacturers of cosmetic formulations therefore expect a new feed material for increasing water resistance to be able to be incorporated easily into the formulation, if desired both into the oil phase and also into the aqueous phase antaroh a cosmetic formulation, it being possible to dispense with heating, a neutralization step or other special processing steps. These two copolymers are oil-soluble, Antaron V being a viscous liquid and Antaron V being a waxy solid.


Use of sunscreen combinations which comprise, as essential constituent, 2- 4-alkoxyanilinomethylene malonic dialkyl esters as photostable UV filters in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations.

Formulation B2 containing copolymer 1 has a much larger contact angle than V4 containing Antaron V The three strokes of the three samples were applied alongside one another on the same glass plate. Dyes which can be used are the substances approved and suitable for cosmetic purposes, as are vv220, for example, in the publication.

Antaron™ VF (Ganex™ VF) polymer by Ashland – Personal Care & Cosmetics

Copolymer 1 is prepared in accordance with the process described in example 5 of EP patent 1 A1 firstly in the form of an aqueous dispersion, and is then obtained as a dry and pourable powder as a result of spray-drying as in the example of EP patent 1 A1. Are you a distributor who is interested in being listed here? Aqua qs qs qs qs qs qs qs qs qs to to to to to to to to to Diethylamino 4.

The object of the present invention was to arrive, in a simple and cost-effective manner, at cosmetic formulations having good water resistance which, upon application, leave behind a supple and soft impression and do not feel waxy, greasy or oily.

The information presented here was acquired by UL from the producer of the product or material or original information provider. Note on the preparation of phase F: The disadvantage of the known compositions, however, is often the difficult handleability and incorporability into the corresponding cosmetic formulations.